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Duplication to NAS


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A while ago I came across the problem that different creation date/times will prevent duplication to a linux-based device. The following is the KB article. Can anyone tell me if this has yet been fixed for Windows? I note that the Mac version allows matching to be done without date/time information.



TITLE: Duplicating to NAS devices







NAS devices like the SimpleShare or Buffalo network drive may not contain a standard Windows file system like (NTFS) or Macintosh (HFS+). When duplicating to a NAS (often Unix based) file system, Retrospect users may see the following issues:




* Different modify date and time errors in the Verification of the duplicate.


* Subsequent Duplicates will recopy files again from the source.


* Some information related to the files such as the resource fork will be lost (in Macintosh).




When a disk does not use NTFS or Mac OS Extended file systems, the operating system will attempt to modify the file for maximum compatibility with that file system. As a result the source file and destination file will be different and not match within Retrospect. Because of this, the next time you will run the Duplicate the files will be copied again.




One solution is to use the Backup option in Retrospect instead of Duplicate.


When Retrospect performs a Backup the files are kept in a special way that only Retrospect can read and that way the files stay identical to the source even on the NAS device solving the issue of recopy files that all ready in the destination.



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