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Excluded directories on Solaris

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I set up Retrospect to backup a Solaris server once a week. On the UNIX client I added some directories in the retroclient.excludes file so they would not be backed up. I will be discussing the results of two backup sessions in a two week span. Both backups used the same backup set.




The first run of the backup went as expected and none of the excluded files were backed up. However, when the script ran the second week it only backed up the files that had changed since the last backup (as expected) and also included all the files that are on the exclude list. I checked the client and the exclude option is turned on. Is this a bug or is there an option that needs to be set in the application to keep the excluded data from being backed up on the second backup?

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The only option that is lost when the client stops is the IP switch. All other options (log level, proactive backup options, private files and folder, etc) will remain in force when the client is restarted.




You may want to check that nothing happened to the excludes file itself. It should be located at /etc/retroclient.excludes. If its name was changed or the information within it were erased that would explain the behavior you are seeing.



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i have a similar problem with my solaris 8/ultrasparc e450 machine.




my /etc/retroclient.excludes has the following entrys.








my retrocpl.status give me the following informations.






Server "xxxx.xxxxx.xxx":


Version 6.0.143


back up according to normal schedule


currently on


readonly is off


exclude is on


0 connections, 0 authenticated




but every backup will backup the /root directory


have any a idea?





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