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Internal consistency check error

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We have just recieved an error as follows:




Internal Consistency check failed:Assertion check at "elem.c-822"




This is the second time we have seen this. It brings down our OS X system so that it needs a restart.




Any ideas?





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Retrospect does internal consistency checks to ensure internal operations are fine. In this case it most likely detected that an internal file in use by Retrospect has been corrupted. Often the context of the error is most important. If you get the error during backup or restore, it is accessing the catalog file for the backup set and may indicate that that file is corrupt. If you are merely clicking around in Retrospect or launching the program and you produce an error, it may be corrupt preferences. The solution to a corrupt catalog is to rebuild it from the media using Tools>Repair>Recreate from (tape, disk, etc.). But before you do that, you might want to verify it truly is a problem with your catalog file by doing the test below:




The catalog file is the file in your Retrospect folder (that's where it's usually kept) that has the same name as your backup set. If you pretend to do an Immediate > Restore > Search for files and folders, and apply a search criteria that reads "File name does contain xjfe2dk1" (a gibberish, non-existent file), it will search for ALL files on the backup set catalog from A to Z. If you get the same error during this search, it indicates corruption to the catalog and you need either to rebuild it from the media, do a Full Backup to this backup set, or create a new backup set for use. To rebuild, you go to Tools> Repair> Recreate from...[media].




If it is not the catalog file at all, you need to go to your Library folder, open the Retrospect folder and move the "Retro.Config (5.0)" file and/or the "Retro.Icons (5.0)" file to the desktop. Relaunching Retrospect will create a fresh set of these files. The side-effect is that you lose your scripts and logged in clients. You'll need to rewrite your scripts and relog clients if you indeed need to trash these files. If their replacements don't improve the situation, you might as well reinstitute the original files into the Retrospect preferences folder to regain your scripts and clients.

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