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Can't make a simple rule...

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I still can't see the result of my rules (or maybe I can't make a very simple rule) in the preview during the backup assistant....


What I want is realy simple. I have a folder named LOG_SAGE on a favorite folder of a windows client that I don't want to backup. I make a rule with only :


"Exclude files based on the following rules :

Any of the following are true

Folder Name is LOG_SAGE"


Then, I use the Backup Assistant. In Source, I choose the favorite folder that I want to backup.

Then I select the rule just created.

I select a destination.

In the Backup summary, I then click on the "Preview" button.

Then, in the "Select files and folders sheet that appears, all files (including my folder LOG_SAGE and all its content) are checked.


So, my simple rule is not used....


Server is a Retrospect 8.1. Client is a Windows client 7.6.107.


In previous tests, I saw that the problem was not only in the preview... Files and folders were in the backup.


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8.0 or 8.1?


The rule preview problem is in 8.0 and 8.1.

I tested the rule in 8.0 in a scripted backup and it didn't work.

I'm testing the rule just now with 8.1 to see if it works or not, but seeing the size of the bakup make me think that the rule is still not used...


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