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4.0 to 4.1... Where's the file?

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I have a registered version of Workgroup Server 4.0 and the update from Dantz' website that will take 4.1/2 to 4.3. All my clients are 4.3 and it doesnt seem that 4.0 Server can recognize 4.3 clients. In addition, I'd like to (in one swoop) get over that clock issue. Where can I get this update?







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In order to access 4.3 clients, you will need to upgrade your application to either Retrospect 4.3 or Retrospect 5.0.




The upgrade wizard can be found at:








The patch to address the expired clock issue can be found at:






Applying this patch will not allow you to log in newer clients. In order to address all of these issues, you will need to upgrade your application. 4.1 and 4.2 upgrades are no longer available.



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