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Bi-Weekly Backups

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Quick question for everyone. Here at my office, we like to make sure our backups are secure, but we are not a very large office. Our setup right now is to backup all 10 of our clients to one hard drive every day. Then separately we back up the clients to what we call the "Rotate" Drives (A and B). Each week, my supervisor takes one of the drives home, and returns and plugs in whichever she did have. Thus, there is always only one of the Rotate drives in the office at the same (In case our office burns down or something).


My question is, can I set retrospect to back up the clients every day for a week, but then skip a week of backups, then repeat? Oh and we are using both Proactive and Scheduled backups.


For example, let's say in any given 4 week period, I want Rotate A to backup the clients daily in week 1 and 3, and Rotate B to backup the clients daily in week 2 and 4. Is that possible? We had this set up in Retrospect 6 but in 8 Im not sure....

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