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Macs no longer recognized

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Using Retrospect 6.138, client 6.1.130 on OS 10.5. One iMac had to have hard drive replaced, now after installing the client, it says in the Backup Clients on Network, it is Not Connected. When I try to connect it the message says error 541 (client not installed or not running). The client has been reinstalled with same results.


A MacBook Pro, using same OS and client, now in the Backup Clients on Network, that it is responding, but it gives the error -1028 (client is not visible on network).


What do I do?


Thanks. Linda

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The 6.1.130 client is old and is not fully-compatible with OS 10.5.x. That may be the source of your problem.


Try this: First update your Retrospect app to 6.1.230 and install RDU (Retrospect Driver Update) Then download the latest Mac client installer (currently 6.2.234) and run it locally on each client computer first to uninstall the existing client and then to install the new client software. These various updates are free; available here.


You will then need to forget the clients and re-add them in the Configure Clients window. If you've created any subvolumes for these clients or have included them in any custom source groups (in the Configure Volumes window), you may want to write down this information first, before you forget the clients, to make it easier to recreate everything. If these clients were listed as individual sources in any backup scripts, you will also need to re-add them to those scripts.


Another possibility for the -1028 error is that there may be firewall settings on the client computer that are blocking communication. Updating the client locally, as described above, should ensure that the standard OS X firewall has the correct settings.

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