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Retrospect does not start during sleep mode


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Previously Retrospect has worked fine with sheduled job but I believe the problems started after the upgrade to version xxx.123.


Scheduled tasks does not start when the pc (running Vista Home Premium) is in sleep mode (which it should be in the middle of the night).


When I start the pc in the morning and checks if Retrospect has run it did earlier launch the Retro Monitor showing just blanks. Now, after renaming the monitor so it cannot start, a popup from Retrospect says that "Retrospect is already in use. Another user on this computer is running Retrospect..."


Thus, it appears to me that the Retrospect process does not wake the pc at the scheduled time, but that it starts up under other user (SYSTEM?) when the PC is manually awake later.


The other Retrospect process (SYSTEM) seems to be hanging and when I kill it my user process launches and by itself now initiates to overdue backup job


It has worked under previous installation on the same PC. Any hints? I have just disabled UAC and removed/installed Retrospect again but that did not help.



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