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offsite secondary tapes

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I've installed Retrospect 5.0 Workstation on my clients OSX Server it is serving 5 clients using an incremental backup process. The backup device is a Sony 12/24 DAT Drive and there are currently 15 tapes full.




They did not wish to have a secondary set of tapes at the time due to cost implications (????)




However they now wish to have a secodary backup set to keep safe off site.




How do I do this without having to recover all the work from the original set and reback up?




How do I synchronise the primary backup tape set with the secondary backup tape set?




The obvious answer would be to duplicate the existing tapes and backup set some how but how is this acheived?



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To make a "backup" of your backup, first keep in mind that you will need to have two tape drives to do the transfer. If you have two tape drives at your disposal, you can do a Backup Set-to-Backup Set transfer. This will copy all files from one set to another. Note, however, that this does *not* copy snapshots from the original Backup Set, and that only the most recent snapshots (one per volume) are stored in the Backup Set's catalog. This means that you will not be able to restore a volume as it appeared any time before your very last backup.




To do a transfer, from the Retrospect Directory, click the Tools tab and click the Copy button. Choose Transfer and click OK. Now, choose the Backup Set you want to copy from and click OK. Then, choose the Backup Set you want to copy to or create a new one and click OK. If you want to copy all files, leave the window that appears next blank and click OK. Review the choices and click Transfer. Retrospect will ask for your source Backup Set tapes and new tapes for the destination Backup Set as needed.




If you do not have 2 tape drives, you can't duplicate the tapes using transfer, and would have to restore the data and back it up again.

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