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hardware compression on or off?

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Hi, just got a brand new copy of retro 8 (736), i'm having trouble telling if it's actually using hardware compression. i've got an original intel xserve attached to a tandberg t24 LTO-4 storageloader.


all the tapes show up as being 800GB in size (actually 781.2) in the media set, which would be the native, uncompressed size of an LTO4 tape. i haven't done a full backup yet cuz i didn't want to wait hours for the backup to finish before discovering if it was using compression or not. what size should the tape actually show? in retro 6 my old tapes show the full size with compression (400GB for an LTO-2 tape).


there's also some other weird stuff going on, i erased a tape, and added it to a new media set, and now that single tape shows up as ~2345GB ??? no matter what i do to this tape, it still shows up as ~2.4TB which is 3x the native size of an LTO4 tape? anyone seen anything like this?


thanks for the help.



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thanks robin. I went ahead and started a full backup, and while it's running it says Compression OFF, is that referring to the software compression only? just a bit confusing. also it looks like it didn't get much past the native capacity of the LTO tape (if at all) which is why i am concerned., though admittedly i'm not sure exactly since it changed tapes sometime last night.

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thanks again robin, now i got a new one for you...


after running two full backups (a nightly set and an offsite set) i've got some new things going on. first, all the tapes except for the one tape i mentioned above that showed 2.4TB available actually wrote LESS than the native LTO-4 size of 800GB. this doesn't seem normal to me...


second, i later tried to remove an unwritten tape from my nightly set, erase, and re-add to see if the capacity changed, and now i've got this beauty going on:




900TB/tape! wish they actually had that kind of capacity! i restarted the engine on the server and restarted retrospect on my machine, no change, any new tape added to that set also shows up as 900TB capacity. any idea what's going on here?


thanks again,


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