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I am a Retrospect v 4.3 user and am considering upgrading to v5. I have been using OS X for most things, but going back to OS 9 for Retrospect. Now that I'm moving to OS 10.2 full time, I plan to upgrade to 5.0 when the Retrospect issues with Jaguar are resolved. However, I want to understand how autostart works with OS X. I often leave the machine (an iMac) that will do the network backups logged out. Can Autostart (when it functions correctly) run Retrospect without being logged in? I also have a spare PC (running W2K) that could run the network backups (I'm going to back up 5 clients periodically). Any recommendations on using a PC or a Mac? Sounds like I can upgrade to either, although the Mac upgrade appears cheaper. Thanks.





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