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I have some clients on my backup that keep getting this message: unknown error, -3263.


If I want to backup their computers, I have to log them on through their IP address.


Basically, the machine gives me that error all the time.


Anyone knows this error and why does it happen???

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Please provide details on your configuration:




Retrospect Version and build


Computer Model and speed


Operating system




Are these computers on the same subnet?




What does the status of the client say on the client control panel?








Irena Solomon


Dantz Tech Support



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The Computer is a MAC OS Server G4, Operating System: 10. Speed:


The Version is Retrospect Client 5.0.




I don't know about subnets (I'm the resident "technician" since I know a bit about computers, but I'm not certified as anything!!!), the only thing that happens when the machine wants to do a scheduled backup to a client is that it tries to connect through the IP Address (which keeps changing) and when it doesn't connect, it gives me that error (-3263). Then I check my clients out (configuring clients section) and I get the error that tells me that a client is not visible in the network (which they are). I have to connect to them again through the IP address and then run the backup.




Hope this makes sense... Thanks.

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