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Please clarify who needs updates

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Because there are so many different versions of Retrospect, such as Desktop, Client and Express in OS X alone, it would be helpful when Dantz posts information on its own website, as well as on versiontracker.com, to spell out precisely for which product/s the updates are intended.




That not only would be a valuable public service in avoiding consumer confusion preventing wrong installations of updates (and all the time and frustration), but it would also help reduce the volume of calls, email and forum postings that cost Dantz in other ways.




As indicated from my posting earlier today and from forum questions from other users when earlier updates were announced, such confusion can arise.




Dantz, please accept this counsel from a 20-year veteran of corporate communications (in my youth) and communications professor, researcher and author for 25 years.




Respectully, ProfN


Emeritus Professor of Communications (Ret.)

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Thank you for your post. This is certainly something that we could do better, and I hope our next releases are better with this. Your honest and respectful comments are appreciated!




Best regards,




Irena Solomon


Dantz Tech Support

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