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Backup Client not found or not installed


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I am running Retrospect version 6.0 on a server (Windows 2003) with approx. 40 nodes (static private IP's, XP pro SP2) on the network running the Retro client.


All of a sudden, about 7 machine's with retro client could not communicate to the server. Within the retro server logs, they have one of the two errors:


error -530 (Backup client could not be found)

error -541 (client not installed or not running)


ON all machines, I checked for the following:


- Retroclient service was on (if it was, I restarted it through AdminTools > Services)

- Firewall was permitting port 497 for UDP and TCP

- Status tab within Retro client was not indicating any errors (They all said "Waiting for access")

- I can ping the IP address of the server and I can ping the server from the node (workstation).



For all machines that could not be found, I reinstalled the retro client and checked for the items I just listed above.


AFter the retro client reinstall, when I am on the server and goto Clients>Properties>REfresh, I still receive the error message "Backup client cannot be found or client not running" after the troubleshooting

steps that I listed above. Just to be thorough, I disabled the firewall on all machines....to no avail.


I have also tried to Forget (Delete) the Client on the Retro server and readd, but the server still cannot find the client via IP.



All clients that have this problem can access all network resources on the 10.3.0.X network as well as receive email from our internal mail server.



Can anyone suggest further troubleshooting steps, I am at a loss as to what to do next?


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