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Has anyone successfully backed up a Mac OsX client


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5.5.536 - the latest one available from Dantz. It was happening on a previous version also...


This happens each time after about 20 minutes. At the time of the failure, my backup directory has always two files in it, adding up to approximately 1 Gig. (the total uncompressed amount to be backed up is around 17 Gig).




To sum up:


Client: MacOS 10.1.5, Retrospect client 5.5.536.


"Server": Win2K workstation with all the latest service packs and security patches, Retrospect Pro 6.0.




I have already done complete uninstall and re-install of both the client and the server Retrospect software (including wiping out all of the server config files).




Also, I can successfully back up a Win2K laptop client. Just the Mac client won't work.




Melissa, do you have a way of testing your software with a MacOS 10.1.5 client? Does that work for you?




Is it worth my effort to try upgrading to MacOS 10.2 (Jaguar)?







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I've had success with the following configuration...




Backup Machine:


W2K Pro sp2


Retro 6.0.206






Mac OS 10.1.5


Retro 5.0.533






I just now updated the Client to 5.0.536, and a test backup of a single file was successful.




"At the time of the failure, my backup directory has always two files in it"


-What do you mean by backup directory?

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[i'm just a long-time Retrospect user; I don't work for Dantz]




I'm the one who first reported the problem with backing up a Mac OS X client with Retrospect 6.0. For the record, I received the following note from Retrospect back on the 14th of August:




"We have logged a bug for this problem and our engineers will be investigating the cause of this error in more detail."




I can easily believe that they're still working on the problem; I suspect it's not an easy one.




For JamieG: You say that you've successfully backed up a OS X client. I'm curious. How many files are on the OS X volumes that were backed up? How many files were backed up? Have you used any disk utilities (e.g., Norton Disk Doctor, DiskWarrior) on the OS X volumes or used any optimization software (e.g., Norton Speed Disk). What kind of backup medium are you using?




[i'm just looking for differences between your situation and ours that might explain your success.]




- Gary Palter



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Thanks for the information; it allowed me to discover the reason my backup attempts failed.




I am running Norton Personal Firewall 2.0. It creates three UNIX named pipes with the pathnames







Any attempt to backup these files produce the assertion failure at "hfslvtree.cpp-278".




I created a selector to exclude these files (and other named pipes) and was able to successfully backup my Mac OS X client. The selector I used is

     Mac OS regular file flag is not set


and Mac OS symbolic link flag is not set


and Mac OS hard link flag is not set

(In theory, this selector would also exclude device files but they reside in /dev which is automatically excluded by the Mac OS X client anyway.)




I hope this information is helpful to anyone else having this problem.




- Gary Palter



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