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Snapshot retrieve on launch?

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Hi all:


Running Retro 8.0.736.1 on Intel Mac Mini. Every time I stop/start the Retro engine (or reboot my Mini), if I launch the console app, wait a few minutes (see below) then go 'Activities > Running,' I see a snapshot restore operation in progress (which neither I nor anyone else never initiated).


The restore task brings the Retro app to a grinding halt for several minutes after engine launch, during which time the console app doesn't respond to any mouse or keyboard activity. But after those few minutes, I am able to stop the task, and Retro seems mostly OK. However, if I let the snapshot restore run, it never seems to finish (I have given it several days).


If I look under 'Activities > Scheduled,' there's no sign of it, and the only scripted operations I have are backups.


How can I permanently kill this task?


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