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Autolaunch doesn't always work

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I run several backup scripts a day on our X Server and most of the time everything is fine.


But once in a while the scripts won't autolaunch and it appears that retrospect goes into a vicious


cycle of spinning and not wanting to stay quit. I'll quit and it'll immediately restart.


All the setting are correct, otherwise it wouldn't work the majority of the time.


How do I get it out of this loop?


Restarting the computer seemed to work, but I'd rather not have to shut the server down every


time this happens. Any suggestions.





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Do you actually have a scheduled execution that should be running? If so, that's why it's starting. If not, there are two possibilities here: a corrupt OS X retrorun process or legacy OS 9 Retro.Startup.




First, check your OS 9 System Folder's Extensions for a file called Retro.Startup (the file that autolaunches Retrospect on an OS 9 or Classic system). If it's present, delete it.




If it's not present, try reinstalling the Retrospect application to recreate the Retrorun process (the process that launches Retrospect on an OS X system).



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