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Retrospect Server - configuration file corrupt!!!

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hi all




I've got a serious Retrospect problem here - we got an Error -24101 on Friday, meaning that our Retrospect server configuration file is corrupt...




We desperately need to reinstall it as we have 30 Clients, all of which require to be backed up on a daily basis - obviously it hasn't backed up since Friday and if anyone needs anything restored, we've got serious problems.




The manual says to remove the config file, which we did, then re-enter the License Code. Unfortunately our license code doesn't seem to work, might be using the wrong one although it all appears to be correct.




Anyone got any ideas? Is it possible to get a new License Code? We really need to get this sorted out asap...




Thanks in advance





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You'll need to contact Customer Service; if you've registered your software they will be able to issue you a new code, or give you the correct code:





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