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Reports no longer update - 7.6 upgrade

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hi there

we recently did an upgrade to the 7.6 version of multi-server and for some reason the reports no longer update.


I've also checked the settings in the Retrospect Watcher - both the "Raw Backup Reports" and "HTML Summaries" go to a valid location.


We continue to be shown old reports from a week ago and they will not update for some reason.


Any suggestions? Is there a way to conclusively test for whether these are setup properly? They seem to be, and yet the reports don't udpate.


Thank you

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You're talking about the Configure/Preferences/Notification/Reporting section, correct?


The Reporting preferences check box with the label "Enable notification for external applications" was not checked.


I checked it - restarted the software, ran a script, restarted the watcher and still no updates.


Any thoughts?

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ReportsWatcher (watcher.exe) is hanging every time I start it up. It used to work in v. 7.6 before some system crashes early this month. (Retrospect Server 7.6.123 on Win Server 2003.)


Would reinstalling just ReportsWatcher repair this, and if so, how do I reinstall it? I tried Change under Retrospect 7.6 in the Add and Remove Programs control panel, but it didn't seem to repair the application, even after uninstalling ReportsWatcher before reinstalling. Do I also have to delete the files with the links pointing to the Raw Backup Reports and HTML Summaries?


My 7.6 installation disk says I have a later version installed (yes, after updates) so it won't install over it.



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