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pushing client from 8 with server 6

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I am using Retrospect 6.1 server (PPC). The Mac clients turn themselves off at reboot. As far as I can see, the client that ships with Retrospect v8.0 (client v6.319) does not behave this way (horray!)


How do I push this version to all clients?

- It is a VISA installer, not Apple, so it cannot be pushed by Apple Remote Desktop

- There are no .rcu files as there used to be so it cannot be pushed with the Update All command


Do i have to do this manually on every Mac?

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The architecture (process names, etc.) of how the new client starts and stops is different, so I would first suggest using the older client's install program to uninstall the older client (by menu option) before installing the new client.


You are not the only one who has, for years, wished for an installer that could be pushed via ARD.

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