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Lost all my data. Robin, can you help?

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Wow! What a mess!


I backed up the server on Wednesday, lost a whole drive on Thursday.

Replaced the drive, formatted, but now my 56GB backupfile set won't restore.


I'm trying to recreate the catalog, and save the catalog.

Then I'd like to load the catalog, choose my files and restore.


I've verified the backup file media (looks like all my files are there) and repaired the catalog, even recreated the catalog, but it never asks to save the catalog somewhere so I can restore the files.


I guess I'm looking for a new job.


If anyone can help, plesae do.




Here's more info.

I have a C and D partition.

27000 files on C (5gb) and

181,000 Files on D 70gb)


I can restore ANYTHING from C. But I don't need anything from there.

I can't restore anything from D. And I need everything from there.


The 56GB backupfile resides on network attached storage. I've verified and cataloged and repaired the catalog. All of that goes well.

But the repaired catalog never get's saved so I can choose files from D. The only files available for restoration are from C.


I've read the manual, and watched the tech support videos...

What am I doing wrong?


Update... I think I found the problem.

You have to look at the sessions, not just the snapshot. Boy, that wasn't too inuitive.

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