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How do you find a file on a client?


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I was watching a client back up.


It was taking a really long time on a file named:





But the backup crashed before finishing this file.



So, I did a "backup wizard" Preview of this client.


But I can't figure out how I would find that .hds file to see if it's something I can just excerpt from the backup with a "rule".


Retrospect 6 worked fine with it's "Preview" option this way. I know the features for Retrospect 8 aren't all there yet, but I've yet to figure out a way to see where a file is on a "backup wizard" preview of a client.


Suggestions? Am I missing something?

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Unfortunately we do not currently offer a find command inside a browser window. I pushed hard for this feature but we didn't have time.


You would need to either do a search local to that disk in the finder or do a Restore>Find Files type restore if it has been backed up to view that past backup of the file.

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Yeah, I actually went to the client and figured this out. The client had Parallels installed ages ago but wasn't using it (the app wasn't even installed on the computer), so I blasted the folder rather than exempting things from backup.


But it was easier to find the file *at the client* than it was through any Retrospect 8 interface as there is no "find" option from any Browse window!

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