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Well It happend twice:






I regularly backed up my FW drive to a DLT Tape, on 2 identical but differnet backup sets one for odd days and one for even days.


After a system crash a reinstalling the system, retrospect wanted to backup all the files again. this happend only for one of the backup sets


it seemd that the modification date for all of the file moved 24 hour ahead.






the same problem happend with backing up a windows 2000 server with appletalk services that was mounted on the desktop on a differnt


retrospect application differnt BU sets, this time with no apperent reason




Retrospect version 4.3












I can't use client due to languge problem







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If you restored files to a reformatted hard drive, it is not uncommon for all files to get backed up again. You've determined that the modification date changed by 24 hours. Retrospect looks at name, size, type, creator, creation date and time, modify date and time, and label.


If _any_ of these criteria have changed, the files will be backed up again. Retrospect has no way of changing these dates - it is done by the operating system or another program. Something as simple as changing the clock time on your computer by an hour can change file dates.




The following Knowledgebase article will help you understand why a mounted server may have all files backed up again:




Tech Note 304 Volume Creation Date/AppleShare Time Translation

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