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Restoring Active Directory

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We are a small business, only have one windows 2003 server acting as dns, dhcp, file server, active directory.


Two week ago, a fire was succesfully contain in the main electric room of our office. But, if everything had burned, how long would it take to be up and running again.


That mean : buying a new server, installing windows server 2003, retrospect 7.5 and trying to restore the backup with active directory.


So since two weeks, I try to do that.

I can't find a way to restore my backup to a different hardware server. I always finish with :

problem with hal.dll or blue screen or that my active directory password is wrong.


Nevertheless, nothing seem to work.

My two server are windows server 2003 sp2.

I try to restore with restore entire volume, replace correspondig file, restore missing file only. the option restore windows system state is check.


What is the best method to do what I need ?


I dont want to have to bring my server at home each night, just to prevent fire !!





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Retrospect does a backup of the registry and does a restore of that identical registry and system state. Retrospect does not modify it based on new hardware. Retrospect relies on Windows to handle the registry once it has been restored.


Retrospect doesn't know what type of hardware you have or if the hardware has changed. We just restore what was backed up.


You may want to try something like VMWare that is independent of hardware. You could install a temp system inside a VMWare environment and try a restore to that temporary system. It may be worth trying.

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