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extracting just one file

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We have a need to extract just one or two files from a back up set from last week. This is not a recovery operation - management wants these files for legal reasons. The files that were backed up have been deleted by the user since this particular back up. Management wants to extract these files to another machine on the network. We run a 5-day daily back up so we know the files are on a particular daily tape.




Can anyone tell us how we can go about this?





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Just choose Immediate>Restore. It's probably easiest to choose "Restore Files & Folders" then step through selecting the backup set and snapshot you want to restore from. Retro will prompt you for a location to restore to and at that point you can choose any local volume or client volume you wish. You do not have to restore to the drive that the files originated from. Retro will then load the snapshot and pause to let you mark the files in question. Hit Restore and you're on your way.




If you're using Retro 4, read chapter 7 of the user guide for more details.




FTP Mac User Guide



FTP Windows User Guide

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