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advice sought on 'bad backup set header'

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We've recently purchased Retrospect 5.0 and a shiny new VXA-1f drive. After the long delay in getting the drive, I have just gotten the chance to set up the clients and scripts properly and had these run for a few days. I am trying to assess whether these backups will be useful *before* disaster strikes. I did Verify on the backup set, with these results:




+ Executing Verify at 8/19/2002 12:00 PM


To backup set August, 2002…


Bad backup set header found (0x66508000 at 36,871,576).


2148 files were not verified.


8/19/2002 8:40:41 PM: 2 execution errors.


Remaining: 2148 files, zero KB


Completed: 633729 files, 61.5 GB


Performance: 169.2 MB/minute


Duration: 08:40:32 (02:28:44 idle/loading/preparing)




Browsing various documentation, it seems that bad backup set headers are usually associated with unsupported SCSI devices; however, this is a Firewire drive, and I specifically called Retrospect to find out whether the firewire VXA-1f was supported before buying it. So, I'm at a loss as to what could be wrong. Any thoughts? Anyone?




A disturbing thing about this is that I'm pretty sure I had the "verify" option on all along as the backup scripts were running, and they never logged any errors having to do with backup set headers. Randomly choosing a few files to restore and inspect did not uncover any problems, but given that it's claiming that .3% of the files are damaged, it's little wonder that I did not run into them randomly.

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