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How to Recognize New Free Space in Media Sets

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I'm using Retrospect to back up clients to a NAS. I have a single media set with a single member (a folder on that NAS).


When I created the media set and added the member, the NAS had 600Gb free space. I specified to use 100% of available space. I have since deleted some other non-Retrospect content and freed up an additional terabyte or so on the NAS.


However, I can't figure out how to "refresh" the member and/or media set so that it sees the additional space available to it.


One solution I thought of was creating a new subfolder and adding it as a member, but this seems unnecessarily sloppy.


What if I removed the member from the set, and then added it back again? Would that mess with existing backups I have there, or would they be recognized upon reconnection?



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Aha. Thanks - that worked.


However, I should note that it doesn't work while a backup is running (I had a running backup that was asking for more media to be added - "Needs Media").


There's a bit of a bug in the interface here - with a backup running, doing what you describe above is confusing because editing the member and then clicking "Save" does nothing. I'm allowed to edit the member, which pops up a dialog. I'm allowed to play around in the tree, and type in the 'Use at most' fields. But clicking 'Save' has no effect.


The program should alert the user that what they're trying to do isn't possible while the media set is in use (if not when clicking the edit button, then certainly when clicking the non-functional - but not properly disabled - 'save' button)

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