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Backing up MS Office Professional 2007's SQL Server


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I’m running:

  • Windows Professional SP3
    Retrospect Professional 7.6.123
    MS Office Professional 2007

I upgraded to this version of Office two days ago and saw that Office installed MS SQL Server 2005 Express on the same PC. Today I noticed that Retrospect’s Configure Volumes singled out SQL Server as a separate volume entitled as “SQL Server (not licensed)â€. I checked most of the “C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server†folder in last night’s backup Snapshot and the folder appears to be backed up. What are the implications of the “not licensed†notice? Won’t SQL databases be backed up?


Also, from the online product description, EMC's Microsoft SQL Server Agent apparently isn’t intended for 32-bit Windows XP Pro thus adding to my confusion.


BTW, I used the Knowledgebase’s Retrospect Backup Product Finder today to check out the options for Windows Professional. It asked:

  • Will you use any of the following Retrospect server add on products?
    -Open File Backup
    -Exchange Backup Agent
    -SQL Backup Agent
    -Disaster Recovery
    -Advanced Tape Support

I chose “Do not use add-on products†and it responded with “Back up 0 servers over the networkâ€. Shouldn’t that mean that servers on the same PC should be backed up?



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