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Retrospect quitting on Leopard 10.5.6 server

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Leopard server 10.5.6, 2x2.8GHz Quad-core Intel Xeon, 3GB 800MHz DDR2


Retrospect 6.1.230.


I don't think the current problem is a function of Retro clients, but I include Retro client info at end of this just in case.


Retro keeps quitting on a daily basis (i.e., each morning I remote into the server and have to start up Retro). I checked the OS X Console (Console messages) and see numerous listings like the following:


3/31/09 10:45:26 AM [0x0-0x22d22d].AuthenticateUser Retrospect(22163,0xa078e830) malloc: *** mmap(size=11075584) failed (error code=12)


Message is mostly the same across multiple listings except the "mmap(size=....)" varies.


Wondering if this is a continuation of a previous thread that prompted Russ Walker to ask how many files were in the backup set. I checked and, on a 1-terabyte drive, I have 591.1 G for 4,437,277 files (319 sessions, 19 snapshots).


1. What else do you want to know to help determine why Retro is quitting?


2. Should I just start a new backup set?





All 6.2.234 clients.


All MacBook Pros (e.g., 2.4GHz IntelCore2Duo) with exception of iMac 2.16G IntelCore2Duo (3G).


All Leopard 10.5.6.


RAM varies (1-3 gigs) but all DDR3 SDRAM.



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