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Error -34, volume full... what is the overhead retrospect needs?

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Hello there! New to this forum, though I've been browsing it in the past.


I have Retrospect Backup 6.1.230 running on a G4 with Mac OSX 10.4.11 ('backup server'). Destination is a Firewire Lacie raid box with 2.0TB effective storage space. Source is a Mac OSX Server 10.4.11 ('file server') with Retrospect Client 6.2.234 and an XServe Raid with about 1.6TB worth of data.


The 'file server' also runs Retrospect Server and for speed I hooked up the Lacie box directly to the server to do the first two backups. They went fine and took up 1.4TB on the Lacie box. Then I hooked up the Lacie box to the 'backup server' and tried to backup, but it failed on an error -34, volume full. From the log: "Not enough space for selected files. About 781,3G more required". Then I enabled compression and again it failed: "About 217,5G more required".


I read on this forum somewhere that finder.dat files could cause trouble, so I searched for those on the source drive, found only one, deleted it and ran the script again, but it failed again.


Now I can imagine that Retrospect needs some overhead. Is this so and how much does it need?


Also, I'm guessing that by default Retrospect does incremental backups, which would mean the backup set would get bigger with each run. Is this true and what are the options? I really need the data to fit on this Lacie box somehow.


Finally, I'm guessing that enabling compression on a later point does not reduce the amount of space taken by the initial backup. Is this true? Do I need to start from scratch with compression enabled?


Thanks in advance!

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