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5gb limit on disks


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am having trouble backing up to a 500gb FW WD hard disk. I add the media set and it is defaulting to (at most use) 5 (GB) or 100 percent. the 5 is greyed out but i cannot replace it with any other figure or accept with the field blank. The 100percent is being ignored. The backup is getting to 5gb and requesting new media. The system is saying 0B Free. Earlier it found the 500gb but then decided after the backup started that it would only use 5gb of entire space.

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I used disk utility and made 1 partition selecting apple partition map and OS Extended (journaled). When i first added media set it said 461GB free (as it should) but later during the backup it only backed up 5gb. I tried to fix it by editing the Members but it wouldn't. So i reformatted and started again. This time 28GB and decided it was full.

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