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Should I upgrade?


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I'm using 5.6 for backing up my desktop.


1. What are the pros/cons of upgrading to 6.0?


2. One problem I had with 5.6 under XP is that in doing a complete disaster recovery restore, I had to manually reinstall all of microsoft office XP pro. Has this been fixed?


3. Any other big reasons to upgrade, or is 6.0 mostly a bug-fix release (with, of course, it's own set of new bugs)?


4. Also, the $49 upgrade fee: do I get a fresh 6.0 disk for that, or is that a layered thing where I have to keep my 5.6 disk?


5. Finally, I bought 5.6 this year. Isn't there a free upgrade to 6.0 for people like me who recently purchased 5.6?




I wish I could just read the dantz website to answer most of these questions, but all I could find was rather vague marketing material. So, I guess that's more work for the folks in dantz support as more people struggle with this. Hopefully, a complete answer here can be leveraged by other readers.

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1) pros - you get every thing you have currently in the upgrade. If you upgrade later, you may not get the same funcationlity. We are allowing upgraders, to keep Disaster Recovery, Backup Server script (now called Proactive backup), etc.


cons - none really.




2) No. Some people have to do that with Office XP. It's the way lincensing is setup on some copies of Office XP.




3) The specific differences between 5.6 and 6.0 are:


There is no more Retrospect Express.


Retrospect Professional, Single Server, and Multi-Server are the products.


Professional comes with 2 clients.




The new features are:


Open File Backup - Retrospect Open File Filter


Retrospect can now backup Linux and Unix clients.


Retrospect can backup OSX clients.


Better way to backup to hard drives - Introducing the Disks backupset.




etc....more on www.dantz.com. Or you can call our Customer Service Dept at


1800 225 4880 for more information.




4) fresh disk.....


5) If you purchased from June 25th on....is free upgrade.





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Thanks. Does anyone reading this forum know of backup software that addresses point #2 in this thread (i.e. backup software that will do a disaster recovery without forcing you to full reinstall on Office XP)? I'm not sure if this problem is generic to all backup software because of XP, but frankly a backup that cannot do a full restore all by itself is, in my judgement, not really doing a backup and is putting excess burden on the person (me) doing the restore. Think about it. Not only do you have to re-install office xp , but you then have to download and re-install all the office service packs and other updates. This is *very* time consuming. Obviously, disk imaging would handle it, but that seems extreme. It's mind boggling if it's the year 2002 and no genuine backup software exists.

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On point #1, I'm not quite sure what you mean by allowing upgraders to "keep" disaster recovery. Is there no disaster recovery in 6.0? Or would I have to pay extra to have disaster recovery if I were a new customer for 6.0 and not an upgrader? I'm confused.

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What's the solution then for a full disaster recovery without all this rigaramo with office xp? Do you agree it's disk imaging? Or am I missing something? If so, what disk imaging software does dantz recommend? I'm sorry to say that I'm ready to jump ship at this point.

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All backups by Retrospect are File by File copying, we do no "disk imaging".




If you don't have the "Disaster Recovery" addon (Server or Multi-Server new purchases), Retrospect offers a "live Restore" feature which will allow you to do a Restore of the entire disk (including Registry) over the current/temp system in the case of a disaster.




The Office XP licensing may require you to re-acivate the license, but you still legally own XP, so it is no big deal.

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