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Win98 DR in anger. Some comments.


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Well, as life is, we had to do a DR in anger before we had the chance to test the process. The bottom line is that it works well.




I maintain here 3 backups: one to disk, 2 to CDR, one copy of the later always off site.




Building the DR CDROM was interesting: Retrospect was rather sniffy with me because I choose to do it from the online copy!




However the only problem occured when it turned out that although I could boot the *machine* from a CDR, the crappy partition manager I elected to use can't boot the partition configuration from CDROM.




The suggested solution to this problem, according to the Retrospect manuals, is to reinstall Windows by hand, then Retrospect, then do the restore. Whilst this would certainly work, it ain't half a long way around...




A bootable CDROM works by making a part of the CDR appear to be a floppy. So if you can get to this region, and copy it to a bootable floppy, you dont need the CDR to be bootable at all.




Dantz, at least in v5.6, makes this easy: all the files which are in this region are also in the folder BOOT on the CDROM: just copy these to a bootable floppy (sys a:), and off ya go.




Just a suggestion...







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