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2nd SATA DVD Writer shows as bullets

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I am using Retrospect Professional 7.6.123 with Drive update/fixes on Vista Ultimate x64. I am using an Asus Rampage II Extreme motherboard (X58 based with a core i7 processor). I have two LG GH22LS30 SATA DVD Writers that I installed a few days ago. I have upgraded both to firm 1.02.


I clicked on devices and configured the 1st drive for DVD+R and DVD DL+R without problem. The driver used is HL-DT-ST DVD+R - RDI (1.57).


I went to try and configure the 2nd drive but it displays as all bullets. I have tried the following to resolve this:


1. Swapped the cables between the two drives. The 2nd entry in the device list always shows up as bullets even though its a different physical drive.

2. Changed the cables on the two devices

3. Moved the devices to different SATA ports on the motherboard so that they were on different controllers

4. Upgraded the firmware on the drives

5. Changed the power cables

6. Removed the .rdi files from c:\ProgramData\Retrospect and reconfigured the drives.

7. Uninstalled Retrospect, deleted the Retrospect folder in c:\ProgramData and reinstalled


In each case the outcome is identical. The 2nd entry shown is always in bullets. The drives are currently configured to sit on 2:0:0 (working drive) and 4:0:0. The 4:0:0 drive is all in bullets. I have read and written to the drives using Windows and Nero 9 without issue so both drives are working properly.


I have read through the majority of forum posts for this year to see if anybody has found a solution to this but I have not seen anything.


Any suggestions on how to resolve this or is it a known bug that will be fixed in a later release?


I would be happy to provide additional logs/debugging information as required.

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