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Two "disk" media sets -- one has Fast Catalog Rebuild, one doesn't -- why?


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Maybe I missed something really obvious, but...


I set up two disk backup sets. Both are set for "grooming" and both have "keep the catalog compressed".


However, for no reason that I can think of, the smaller of the two disk sets (smaller in terms of files/data currently in the disk set) has "fast catalog rebuild" checked.


The larger set -- Fast Catalog rebuild is greyed out.


Is there a reason why I can't do this? (This set was likely in use during one of my crashes if that matters.) Do I need to do a "verify/repair/rebuild" of this disk media set to get that back?




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Ah, I looked in the log. At some point some "backup" script ran that says:


Normal backup using Servers Proactive at (Execution unit 1)

Can't access Media Set Servers 8, error -703 (unknown) Servers 8, error -703 (%s)]

: Execution incomplete




and if I went to Members - (pencil) and just hit save, this changed the capacity of this disk set to 2096.0 -- the size of my *entire* external drive -- not just the free space.



Is all the above an indication of a damaged disk set and I should just "rebuild" it?

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The media set was *not* in use.


Because of the oddities with the size jumping to 2G (which wouldn't have been possible to change if it was "in use"), I'm going to try a repair on this to see what happens (this will likely need to run all night, but that's fine -- it'll be an interesting test to see what happens...)


It would be useful to check on that "109" setting, though. That would mean it would only be possible to keep 3.5 months of "daily backup" in a groomable disk media set.


I'd like to keep a floating year of backups of my servers -- that should be possible, shouldn't it?

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but back to the "Fast Catalog Rebuild":


On my other test instance, I also have two disk sets.


Both of these have FCR checked -- but both are greyed out.


If I make a *brand new* disk media set, it's not greyed out.


What is happening that's causing this to:


1) grey out so it can't be selected/deselected


2) *turn off* if it's something that's supposed to be on by default?




OH WAIT -- I see this: Is this a bug or not?


If a catalog is set to be groomed -- the Fast Catalog Rebuild option greys out -- regardless of the setting.


Set it to "no grooming" -- you can select/deselect that box.


set back to one of the grooming options -- FCR greys out (checked or not)



Is there some optimal setting? Should this always be checked on -- even if you are grooming?




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So, is it a bug then if I toggle grooming on and enter a number in the "number of backups", that "FCR" is still left on?



This may explain why my grooming settings on my *not in use* media sets keep reverting back to no grooming, right?


Does the FCR setting override the "grooming" setting?

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Grooming over rides Fast Catalog rebuild. Once you turn on grooming, the fast catalog rebuild option turns off and will stay off.


Once a set has used a grooming setting, fast catalog rebuild isn't safe because it is possible that a saved catalog will not reflect the data in the set.

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