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How are errors handled


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I've never understood how Retrospect handles errors in a "normal" backup. If I do a normal backup and it partially completes with errors--either file busy or backup fails because of a -519 error what happens on the next "normal" backup? Are the files that have failed to backup (or failed to verify) considered backed up or not?




For example, I did a new media backup of a 2.0 GB disk; the backup completed 1.5 of the write (and of course none of the compare). The next time I did a "normal" backup using the same script it only backed up the remaining .5 GB. This makes my backup suspect as the 1.5 was never verified.




Another example: in a normal backup I get a "file busy"--next time I do a backup will retrospect try to back up this file again? Same question with a "compare fail"--next time will this be marked for backup?




I looked on the documentation and could see anything about "failed" backup so any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.




many thanks

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