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8.0 "issue" -- how do I remove a Source?


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So, at some point while setting up 8.0 final (clean install -- 10.5.6)...


I had my external "Macintosh HD" mounted on the 8.0 server desktop.


*And* I had the Retrospect 8.0 .dmg mounted.


Now, my "Sources" list not only my intended internal *and* external hard disks -- but also the two disks above -- which are no longer mounted on my system.


The Path says (for example): /Volumes/EMC Retrospect 8/ -- but Terminal doesn't list that in /Volumes


How do I get rid of these "hard disk" sources -- the "remove" button is greyed out when I select them?

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Argh. Saw this too late. I would have dismounted my mounted AFP volumes and disk images before running things.


I assume in the next update we'll be able to *remove* hard disk sources (rather than just not have this "first time launch" bug exist?)

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