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Retrospect No Longer Automatically Executes Script

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After installing the 5.0.205 upgrade, Retrospect no longer executes scripts automatically.


What version of Mac OS X are you running?




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It also requires an administrator password every time I open it


Do you have more then one copy of Retrospect that you are opening?





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I have the same problem with the authentication. It started happening as soon as I installed OS 10.2. Retrospect asks for authentication every time it starts up. I repeatedly uncheck the box that says "Always Require Authentication" but it's to no avail. I even resinstalled Retrospect and ran the updater to 5.0.203, and the bug is still there.

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I know the following does not directly address these issues, but I want others who read the forum to be aware that Dantz has not yet released a Jaguar "compatible" version of Retrospect yet:






As backup software, Retrospect requires intimate interaction with many of an OS's subsystems. With Jaguar -- Mac OS X 10.2 -- there are differences in the operating system that affect Retrospect.




Dantz continues to work closely with Apple to complete a free update to Retrospect that will provide excellent support for Jaguar and Jaguar Server. In the meantime, customers who choose to upgrade to Jaguar immediately should be aware of the following:




1. An updated Retrospect client that functions properly under Jaguar is now available from the Dantz website. This new client allows computers running Jaguar to be backed up by


Macintosh computers running Retrospect 5.0 under Mac OS 9 or 10.1.x, or by Windows computers running Retrospect 6.0. (Note: Owners of Retrospect 6.0 for Windows already have


this client and need not take any action.) The Retrospect 5.0.536 client for Mac OS X is available at the URL below.








2. Retrospect 5.0 cannot autolaunch because the RetroRun process crashes every time it is launched. This crash will be visible to any user who has turned on crash logging and crash reporting in Mac OS X's Console utility (located in /Applications/Utilities/).




3. Many SCSI card vendors will need to update their drivers in order for Retrospect to access attached SCSI devices under Jaguar. Our preliminary testing has shown that ATTO


SCSI cards are well supported under Jaguar, but owners of other SCSI cards, including Adaptec models, will need to contact their SCSI card manufacturer for a driver update. At the current time, we are not aware of any such updates being available.




Dantz is working hard to provide complete support for Jaguar. When we do, it will be with a solid product that offers the very best in reliability for safeguarding data under Mac OS X.





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