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Retrospect 8.0 and PowerPC


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Congratulations on the release of the much-anticipated 8.0! :) Unfortunately I didn't have time to test the betas, but from the specs, the reviews, etc, looks like a great product, finally fully UNIX-aware.


Anyway, as both of the machines I use as backup servers are PowerPC, I have to ask... when? :)




Miguel Arroz

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Our plan is to release PPC support as quickly as possible We are shooting for about 30 to 45 days.

Can you guarantee that we won't miss out on any initial upgrade offers (if there are any) by waiting ? I also need G4 support, I can't afford to buy an Intel based computer since I'm still using a SCSI attached tape drive.

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we've bought Retrospect 8 Multi Server Unlimited back in March because EMC initially promised that PPC support will be available with the initial release.


After we received it, we had to figure out that it doesn't support PPC.


Also, 45 days are almost over now and still nothing happened.


This is very annoying because we also paid for ASM but can't even use the software yet.


Please tell us when PPC support will be ready as we urgently need a backup solution.

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The current release is buggier than any of us would like, and fixing bugs is

our #1 mission right now. If we were to release what we have now on the

PowerPC platform, well, that wouldn¹t be so great. We¹re just a couple of

weeks away from an Intel bug-fix release that will provide a much improved



Now, that¹s not to say that we aren¹t working on PowerPC support at the same

time; we are. However, the combination of fixing bugs and the PowerPC

changes being somewhat more complex than first thought are causing us to

slip the PowerPC release about a month past our original schedule. PowerPC

support is now expected in the first half of June.


We hope that people can hang in there just a little bit longer for a better




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i paid back in march. still waiting.


i'm not asking anyone to do the impossible, but can we please get some solid info on whether the ppc version is still coming?


i ask because estimates for delivery started out in april, then may. now we are almost halfway through june and i still don't get the sense that the estimated delivery is getting closer to the present as time goes forward.

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PPC is still coming, but we want to release a quality product that everyone will be happy with. If we released it today, you would not be happy with the quality or the speed. It will be out soon. We have it installed on every PPC in our office and tests are running 24/7. We are taking a trip to Apple next week for additional testing. At the same time we are fixing as many Intel based bugs as we can.

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