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yamaha crw f1 drive


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Unfortunately Dantz has not completed qualification testing for this device and it is not yet supported. We have notified Yamaha of this but a handful of product bundles have reached the retail channel.




You can do several things:




1) Return the drive to the vendor, requesting a different Yamaha drive that we currently support:








2) If you have Retrospect 6.0 you can try the new Auto-Configurator tool which can build a device driver on the fly. Keep in mind that CD's created with this tool may not be readable when a final Yamaha driver is released for that device:





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I just check Dantz's list and see that Retrospect Express 5.6 now supports the drive. Great work you guys. However, it requires update 3.1.105. Is this the update currently available on Dantz's web site? I downloaded it but could not find its version. In addition, where did you find firmware 1.0c? Mine came with v1.0b and I can not find v1.0c at Yamaha's website.

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