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Fibre Channel


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Is Retrospect compatible with Fibre Channel Storage Area Network solutions. I'd like to use Retrospect to backup my Digidesign Pro Tools session. I'm using ATTO Accelware as my management software. The volumes just show up as local SCSI drives to each G4 computer. Any help would be appreciated.





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Thank you for the prompt response. I have two additional question. I will have a separate Mac G4 that will have read access to all of the fibre channel drives on the SAN. That will also be the computer that is running Retrospect. My plan is to make numerous scheduled backups from the fibre channel drives to another set of drives. The second set of drives are used as near-line storage. In this way, I can make fast copies, multiple times, for saftey. At the end of the day, I'll then backup the files on the near-line set of drives to a tape device that will be attached to my Retrospect G4 via SCSI. Question one is, does this sound like a do-able scenario with Retrospect, and question two...will Retrospect work on the G4 that has "read only access" to the fibre channel drives.




Thanks in advance for your help.




Tom Martin

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