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Couldn't set password on Ubuntu 8.04

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I am attempting to use a Retrospect Client on Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) Server Edition with the Ubuntu Desktop installed. The Client downloaded from the EMC Web site and I was able to use the command:


sudo alien --scripts Linux_Client-7_6_100.rpm


to create the Debian package file and


sudo dpkg -i retroclient_7.6.100-2_i386.deb


to run the install sequence. This warned about setting variables before using the GUI components but then came up with the message


/usr/local/dantz/client/./rpm-post-install.sh: line 257: [: !=: unary operator expected


I entered the access password and the process appeared to finish successfully.


However, attempting to access this Retrospect Client from our Single Server Version 7.0.249 for Windows failed with the message


Sorry, couldn't set password for ideq. error -507 (incorrect password)


This is definitely not true - I use the same password on all of our clients. Can anybody please tell me what is going wrong?

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