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Retrospect Irritations!


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I generally like Retrospect but it has an irritating aspect to it that I think I MUST be able to fix but I'm not exactly sure how....




Basically, I want Retrospect to just BACK UP my stuff with WHATEVER tape happens to be in the tape drive. Even when I set my options to Recycle, it's always bothering me to swtich tapes and saying that the "right" tape isn't in the drive. I have my backups set to the middle of the night and I actually DONT CARE what tape it uses. I will change tapes roughly every day or two. But if I don't then it decides that no backup is better. Anyway, I am probably using it incorrectly. But if anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong that would be great!




thank you

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Retrospect will not do a "Recycle" backup to any tape that is in the drive.




It will however do incremental backups to the last tape of any set if you use a Backup Server Script and list all of your backupsets that you wish to use in your Backup Server script destinations. But Backup Server script doesn't allow you to do a "recycle".




I wish there was an easy answer to this. This is a good suggestion and one that has been suggested before. I believe it is more of a safety reason as to why it isn't a feature yet. If someone was to put in any tape, and have it do a recycle backup to any tape, you could potentially have had put in the wrong tape and now you have lost all of your data. Again though, your request is common and we have put it on our suggestion list.



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