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Exchange Restore - Overwrite Calendar?

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I had a user do a bad synchronization with their phone and now their calendar is blank. I need to restore their calendar from Retrospect. When I go to do that, I choose the source and destination as the user and then checked the "Calendar" folder. However, it says it will restore the data to a "new folder" and when I did it anyway, sure enough, now there is a folder called "CMA Backup" and under that is the Calendar folder.


She now has two calendars in outlook and the second restored one is a bastard child that won't work. So.... How do I get Retrospect to restore over top of the calendar, or alternatively, how do I copy and overwrite outside of retrospect the calendar folder?

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Retrospect can not overwrite individual mailbox times.


If you have a recovery storage group, you can try doing a restore to the recovery storage group, then use Exchange to replace the calender items.

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