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Text Report - Scripts


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I wish I could get a report (view with option to email) that listed all scripts scheduled, and for each script, a table of what conditions are used for file selection (COMPLETE list not ..more), what targets are, what percent full the targets are now, how many backup sets are on each target, and if it worked the last time it ran.


One report, generated with a couple mouse clicks, without endless drilling.


A separate sparse list could show scripts that have flaws, and list the flaw (NOT SCHEDULED. NO TARGET. TARGET MISSING. WHATEVER).


Otherwise, if I reconfigure servers, I have a dozen or two scripts to mess with and it is tedious to error check. One report, and I will see errors quickly, plus if emailed, I can pass it on to others for error checking.


Most of this is a glorified text file of what is defined for scripts. Mind you, text is woefully underappreciated in GatesWorld.

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