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Disaster Recovery option unselectable


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When prepapring for Disaster Recovery using the wizard, I choose my client, the snapshot and then hit the next button.


I get the two choices - instructions or CD-R disc image but the CD-R disc image option is not selectable.


What am I missing?




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Aha - *thats* what I'm missing...


So without the add-on, all I can do is print out the instructions? Not that its a big deal.


I'll take a look at the price of the disaster recovery add-on.


I have Professional version 7.6.111 OEM edition - does that matter in any meaningful way?


Thanks ever so much for the swift reply by the way.





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Actually, just checking, and I could be wrong...


In license manager, if I click on the disaster recovery add-on properties, it seems to be licensed... It has a "code" assigned in the properties box and it says it was installed in November this year... But there is a little icon next to the option - a pencil and a red plus sign.


Any thoughts?



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