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6.2.234 maxing out cpu after BU

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Hi, anyone else seeing their new 6.2.234 client for Mac maxing out their client cpu to 100% at some point after a backup?


I'm running 10.5.5 on a dual 2.7 G5.


Opening the Activity Monitor.app (AM) shows the retroclient running at 100% (maxing one processor of the two).


I'm trying to figure out when the maxing out occurs, since it's not immediately following the backup.


I've seen it three times now, and tried several restarts. When it's maxed out, I can not open the Retrospect Client app, it just keeps bouncing in the dock. I was able to quit once through the AM, but other times I've had to force quit from the AM.


If I can get it to repeat following a series of events, I'll post the details.

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Yes, I've seen this with the 6.2.234 retroclient on a 10.5.x MacBook Pro. The retroclient CPU goes to 100%, and once you kill it and restart the client it seems to behave better.


The circumstances: this client had been backing up successfully for several days via Ethernet, but then failed to back up when it was unplugged and left on WiFi (802.11n). The client would appear in the Retrospect (7.6.111 Single Server) client search window, but could not be contacted.


I've seen this same problem with another mac client (visible via Subnet broadcast, but not able to back up or contact the client) after a move from wired ethernet to wired -- I think I'll post a separate topic about that since it seems to be independent of the 100% CPU problem.

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