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Moving to new backup server


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I am in the process of moving retrospect to a new server. After I have copied all D2D backup sets, catalog files and config75.dat file to the new machine it should be it.


But what if I place the catalog files on a different drive on the new server. When I dobbelclick on the catalog file will Retrospect automaticly update the backup scripts ect. with the new location of the catalog files?


And what happens when I click on a catalogfile associated with a tape backup set? Is the physical tape needed then?





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okay I moved all backup sets, catalog files and the config75.dat file.


Dobbelt clicked on all catalog files so Retrospect would recognize them.


After starting retrospect on the new server all scripts ect. is in place, but if I choose "verify media" and select a disk backup set I get a message saying:


"please select the backup set member name: name-of-backup-set on volume DATA"


it seems as retrospect does not see where to locate the data in the backup set. I have checket the fysical locate on the properties on the backup set and this locate is right.


What am I doing wrong here?




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I think I found where it went wrong.


After copying the config75.dat over to the new machine I did not modify the account which Retrospect should use as backup. It was still the old account with the old machine name on.

So I modified it with the correct values and afterwords I took properties on each backup set and verified the location to the physical disk where the data files is placed.


After this a verify works on each backup set.


But I had to take properties on each backup set and verify the locate before it would work again. This I do not understand why? The locate (drive and path) had not changed.


I understand why the account preferences had to be changed of cause.




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