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Selector for client data

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I have a production environment with 2003 sbs & 10 xp pro clients.


I have a test lab with 2003 sbs and vista business.

Both environments are using retrospect 7.6.


I have volumes and selectors configured correctly for the local sbs server data. I can't figure out how to back up the client computers. I've installed the client software. I've configured client volumes.


I can't figure out how to create a selector for the clients. I'd like to use the "documents and settings" selector to back up the profiles on each client computer.


I've tried ...


including client name = *

AND selector = documents and setting


exclude client name = SBS Server

AND selector = documents and settings


but it does not exclude the files on sbs. It selects & includes certain files on the SBS, such as the roaming profiles "my documents" folders, etc.


My question is how do I backup each client. How do I configure the appropriate selectors.



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You need two scripts:

One script for the server, with the "server" selector.

Another script for the clients, with the "client" selector.


Just schedule the "client" script 5 minutes after the "server" script; it will wait until the destination backup set is available when the "server" backup finishes.

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