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Can't grant priviledges


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Greenhorn user alert


I'm running 7.5 recently updated and a fresh install of windows XP pro

so I've lost my old settings.


Attempting to get setup, I'm finding a problem with trying to access any

other hosts on my home lan.


The help file tells me to go to:


[x] always run retrospect as specified user


Then it asks for login information:


Here I've inserted my user name and password.

The same username and password exists on all hosts. And of course they

are all administrator accounts


There is a third option called:

`Log on to:'

I find no information about what is expected there, but I'm guessing it

may be for domain name. My home lan has no official domain name. So

first attempting to just leave it blank.


That fails with the message:

`Can't grant necessary user privileges'


So I tried using the windows group name there. All hosts are on the

same windows group but that fails with same message.


Can someone tell me how to get retrospect to allow me to access remote

host shares?

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